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Section Summaries

I have rearranged website as links at top taking up too much space. Now use link on each section below.


I have divided my guide up into sections of the SDW. I show below two maps, each with the route of the SDW drawn on (by me so indicative!). Each vertical bar is the start/end of a section.

The first map shows the sections at the western end, from  Winchester as far as Bignor Hill, so my sections: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

The second map shows the sections from Bignor, 6, to Devils Dyke 8, and now 9 &10 to Eastbourne. I have referred to the 'section breaks' as eg Harting, Bignor; this means the 'hill' not the village.


1. Winchester to Exton (A32): Approx. 12 miles, climb on tarmac, good gravel & grass tracks, short stretch of tarmac,  descent through village to A32.

1/2 Revised Meon Valley route March 2009: adds 2.2 miles to route

2. Exton (A32) to Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QEP): Approx. 9 miles, short stretch on tarmac, then old railway line, grass, short steep climb, then , steep descent through field, farm track, short tarmac, then concrete, short climb in flint/root gully, good gravel gentle climbing, then VERY fast descent on wide open grass.

3. QEP to Harting: Approx. 6 miles, gradual climb on gravel, short ups & downs on good gravel, few short sections of tarmac, some good fast sections, before narrow path with gradual climb to Harting Hill.

4. Harting to Cocking: Approx 7 miles; grass downland, then steep descents and climbs on chalk; good gravel section with climb; rutted, bumpy section, then long descent on flint chalk.

5. Cocking to Bignor: Approx. 7 miles, long climb on stony flint, relatively flat on gravel, stone, earth, steepish descent through crops, grass to road, then long climb on chalk up to Bignor, with a last stretch on flat grass.

6. Bignor to Amberley: Approx. 5 miles, hard bumpy stone, small dip, cross main road, long steepish descent on chalk to beside River Arun.

7. Amberley to Washington:   Approx. 7 miles; long climb on tarmac with steep climb on gravel, stone, grass; relatively long level, good, fast middle section, descent to A24. 

8. Washington to Devils Dyke: Approx. 13 miles, long climb chalk, stone to Chanctonbury, good long gradual descent to River Adur, climb back up on grass, tarmac, short up & downs on chalk, finish on good grass.

And these by chance add up to 65 miles!

And now a rest, or the rest!

9. Devils Dyke to Southease: Approx. 17 miles: (from Ditchling to Southease at present 12 1/2 miles) :Good level grassy track, hard chalk, then good gradual long descent mainly grass, with only short climb in woods, to A27. Long climb up on good grassy, then good level section at top. Slightly bumpy part through fields (Swanborough Hill). Gradual descent, concrete track and then fields. Cross River Ouse.

10. Southease to Eastbourne: (Now done June 2008) approx 13 miles Three long rough climbs. Tops are flattish grass ridges.

SUMMARY of surfaces

TARMAC: prefix numbers refer to 'my sections'. (distances are approx, all miles). Most are between Winchester and QEP.

1: A31 to Chilcomb: 1.1 miles

1: end of Holden Lane, Milberry Pub, to Wind Farm: 1.5 miles.

1: Beacon Hill: 0.2 mile

1, 2: Wheely Down Farm to Old Winchester Hill: 2.4 miles.

2: Whitewool Farm (between Old Winchester Hill & Coombe): 0.25 mile

2: HMS Mercury: 0.4 mile

2: just west of Butser: 0.5 mile

3: QEP: 0.5 mile

3: Buriton: 0.2 mile

3: Coulters Dean, Ditcham, Sunwood Farm: 0.75 mile

7: Amberley, High Titten lane: 0.4 mile

8: Bidulphs, to west of A283: 0.5 mile

8: Truleigh Hill: 0.75 mile

Total tarmac out of 65 miles approx 9 1/2 miles

9: A27 Housedean 0.25 mile

9: Southease: 1 mile

10: Alfriston: 0.3 mile

10: Alfriston after cross river: 0.3

10: Jevington :0.2

So another approx 2 miles, total say 12 out of 97 miles

GRASS: (distances are approx, all miles)

2: Butser, 0.75 mile

4: Harting Down, 0.3 mile

5: just to west of Bignor, 0.3 mile

8: Chanctonbury Ring, 0.2 mile

8: Annington Hill just to west of Bidolphs A283: 0.5 mile

and then last 0.25 mile to Devils Dyke!

9: a few grass

10: many grass stretches

ROUGH: (This is relative, and just impressions (physical!) gained from experience; these parts just seem to stand out as being unpleasant!)

Didling Hill to Cocking Down (between Harting & Cocking); Bignor Hill. First few hundred yards up Bourne Hill going out of Jevington.

STEEPEST CLIMBS: (In my opinion, as usually because I have to walk up part!) 

Going east (Winch to Eastbrne): Salt Hill (perhaps not all that steep, but included due to surfaceand as I usually have to walk!) [between Warnford & Butser]; Pen Hill (short) [between Harting & Cocking]; Littleton End from A285 (just about cycle up) (Cocking to Bignor); Amberley Mount; A24 to Chanctonbury; .

Going west (Eastbrne to Winch ): from A27 at Housedean Farm; Littleton down (from A285, Bignor to Cocking) Pen Hill ; Butser (short section just before gate).


Following a request, I note the number of gates. These are from memory!

Section 1 Winch Wford: 12;  Section 2 Warnford QEP: 5;   Section 3 QEP Cocking: 3;  Section 4 Cocking Bignor: 5;   Section 6 Bignor Amberley:  6?;  Section 7 Amberley A24: 7?;   Section 8 A24 Devils Dyke: 9?;  Section 9 DD (Ditchling) Southease: 11? ;    Section 10 Southease Eastbourne:  11?. 

So about 70 gates in total!

I have added a table of metres 'climbed' and descended' on General Information page.