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Photo of Profile for 65 mile route created by copying 'screen' with 'Paint'.

images/profilePiant.JPG (76232 bytes)

I have added some Profiles below; please contact if you find useful, or too large, small, or more detail of specific places. Email link on home page. (Created with 'Tracklogs' digital mapping software).

Please ignore 'duration' times on elevations!

Profile of Section 1 Winchester to Warnford.

Ascend: 331 m; Descend: 313m

Profile of Section 2 Warnford to QEP

Ascend 357m; descend: 302m

Profile of Section 3 QEP to Harting

Ascend 285m; descend: 206m. NB: part through QEP does not look right as it is in fact steady climb, not 'jagged'. I will update check.

Profile of Section 4 Harting to Cocking

Ascend: 249 m; Descend: 343m

Profile of Section 5 Cocking to Bignor

Ascend: 321 m; Descend: 220m. Climb to Heyshott Down 1.5km, climb 120m avg 8%.

Descent of Littleton to A285 is 1.4km, drop 118m, avg 8% up to 13%.

Profile of Section 6 Bignor to Amberley

Ascend: 82 m; Descend: 275m.

Profile of Section 7 Amberley to Washington A24

Ascend: 258 m; Descend: 163m; Amberley Mount rise 138m, avg 9% up to ? % !

Profile of Section 8 Washington A24 to Devils Dyke

Ascend: 477 m; Descend: 380m

Section Climb (metres) Descend (metres)
1 331 313
2 357 302
3 285 206
4 249 343
5 321 220
6 82 275
7 258 163
8 477 380
Total 2360 2202

Link to profiles from Devils Dyke to Eastbourne in 2 parts

Link to page with profiles for whole of SDW divided into 3 parts.