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I thought that it would be helpful to put some full size photos and the panorama photos on one page.

Panoramas are 2 or more photos seamlessly joined together. They give a much better impression of the landscape, so I hope that you enjoy them.

They do tend to be bigger files; also depending on browser etc, you may have to use the zoom, and then scroll left and right.

The panoramas are the 'flattish thumbnails'. They are copies of the ones in the other pages.

From Cheesefoot Head northwards towards Beacon Hill nr. Newbury

images/Cheesefoot 013a.jpg (231408 bytes) PANORAMA images/Stitched_003aANOT.JPG (220194 bytes)

From Beacon Hill nr Exton Meon valley across to Old Winchester Hill

Panoramas from Beacon Hill ( large files, originals were 8mb!))

from east (Old Winchester Hill) round to south

From south (Isle of Wight) round to west

Pot of gold at Old Winchester Hill

images/PenBeaconHill 012.jpg (468292 bytes)

Annotated PANORAMA from Salt Hill (nr HMS Mercury), Solent, Cheesefoot Head round to Butser. Old Winchester Hill is the fields and hedge beyond the two left-most blue lines; it is not hill on horizon.

images/Stitched_001 Salt hill Solent Butser ANOT.JPG (926295 bytes)

Butser Hill a) towards Cheesefoot Head, clump of trees just visible on horizon; b & c) towards the Solent

images/SDWBuritonOWHill 010a.jpg (267198 bytes)   images/SDWBuritonOWHill 009a.jpg (244040 bytes)   images/CR21 017a.jpg (294673 bytes)

QEC park towards Buriton

images/SDWBuritonOWHill_002a.jpg (338464 bytes)

Between Buriton & Harting; 2nd view to Harting Down

images/SDwDitcham310506_005a.jpg (258011 bytes) images/Ditcham 027a.jpg (333252 bytes)

PANORAMA Annotated Butser to Cocking; taken from Poets Stone, Ashford Hangers, nr Steep, approx. 1 mile north of Petersfield (stone is in memory of local poet Edward Thomas, died in about 1918)

images/South Downs Panorama Butser Cocking.JPG (572653 bytes)

Harting Down

images/HartingBeaconHill 009a.jpg (160608 bytes)

From Pen Hill towards Didling

images/HartingBeaconHill 021a.jpg (181965 bytes)

Look eastwards over A286 (Cocking)

images/CockingtoBignorApril2007 053b.jpg (209711 bytes)

From Bignor towards Amberley Mount

images/BignorHill 007a.jpg (464663 bytes)

Amberley Mount from few miles North

images/AmberleyToA24Chanct 034a.jpg (272809 bytes)

Chanctonbury Ring from just west of A24

images/AmberleyToA24Chanct 025b.jpg (330705 bytes)

From Chanctonbury eastwards

images/Chanctonbury 007a.jpg (279099 bytes)

From Chanctonbury towards Truleigh Hill

images/Chanctonbury 013a.jpg (229479 bytes)

Towards Pyecombe & A23 in dip; Ditchling Beacon to right

P'images/fld to Pycombe 046.jpg (791205 bytes)

From Ditchling

images/Ditchling to Southease 057a.jpg (331480 bytes)

After Blackcap to Swanborough

images/Ditchling to Southease 052b.jpg (285690 bytes)

Swanborough Hill

images/Ditchling to Southease 010b.jpg (301502 bytes)

PANORAMA: View north from near Newmarket Hill, just south of A27, towards Blackcap to the middle right and Ditchling middle left.

images/Stitched_001ANOT1.JPG (461519 bytes)

PANORAMA: at Firle beacon, to left (east) is towards Alfriston to right (west) Southease, middle is south.

images/Stitched_001.JPG (1234181 bytes)