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Circular rides based on SDW

I have thought for a while that it would be useful to include some circular rides based on parts of SDW. I have used 2 numbers to number them, the first number being the Section on which it is based. CR being 'circular ride'. Click on title to take you down the page to route.


I have drawn route as OS license is an annual fee of ���!. May try Google map. I advise use 1:25,000 map with my description to follow route. I have also tried putting aerial photo map on  www.locallive.com  Microsoft version of google earth.

I will put on Tracklogs website but you need to buy their software (�9.99 for South Downs incl New Forest, Isle of Wight) http://tracklogs.co.uk

CR11: Battle of Cheriton: Gander Down via Cheriton, Hinton Ampner to Warnford.

CR21: Denmead: Denmead, Clanfield: this is link to a route published by Hampshire County Council;  http://www3.hants.gov.uk/horndean.pdf

CR31: Southwards from Harting Hill car park, Compton, Marden, back up to SDW; 12 miles.

CR41: Kingley Vale: Harting via Chilgrove to Kingley Vale, back via Marden.

Thinking of writing soon (?!):

a) Harting, Kingley Vale, Marden, Harting. aerial photo done, but need to write up route, photo etc; possible to work out route on a 1:25,000 map from aerial photo.

b) around Bignor Hill.


CR11: Battle of Cheriton: Gander Down via Cheriton, Hinton Ampner to Warnford.

Google maps link: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&q=&msa=0&msid=118318116678995638080.0000011243d7e92f0f3e1&z=12&om=1.kml

A 10 mile loop based on SDW, so suggest start at Cheesefoot Head or Old Winchester Hill. Climb 213 m, descend 258m.

Mainly on reasonable open / low hedge wide gravel, stone farm track between fields. Divert to site of 1644 civil war battle of Cheriton. Hinton Ampner to Warnford, first part good hardish track, but last section (Bosenhill Lane) of 1 1/4 miles seems has been used by 4x4 so many deep tyre ruts, lane in trees between fields would be very wet/muddy after rain. Cheriton is pretty village, Flower Pots pub brews its own beer. Hinton Ampner has a National Trust house & garden.

Either direction is ok.

For ease of reference, written as if coming from Cheesefoot Head via Gander Down, then in field before crossing of A272, go through the wide gate in the corner of the field, as PHOTO.



Pass through light woods for say 100 yards, bear left at post, out into open track (reasonable gravel surface) between fields. At barn, (if coming other way, no finger post so see PHOTO below) turn right onto tarmac lane. Follow lane; after 0.3 mile, option of straight on down short distance of track, or right on tarmac, then sharp left, to join up with track at cottages. 

Carry on into Cheriton. Turn right, pass through village. Then with river on right, at right-hand bend, take track on left outside corner.

Stony track, then left at path crossroads. Follow wide grass stony track, low hedges to tarmac lane, turn right. If you want to see plaque about the Battle of Cheriton, then �. Otherwise, turn right. 

OPTIONS: There are several 'lanes' (Hinton, Broad, Cheriton, Alresford lanes) so options, all fine, by using different combinations of tracks, see OS 1:25,000 map.

Typical view south across battlefield. Hedge across filed is Alresford Lane.

Thumbnail re Battle of Cheriton.

images/CR11Cheriton 003a.jpg (422330 bytes)

Cross over A272. Follow tarmac lane up through Hinton Ampner; follow round right bend by barn, short descent, straight on at T-junction, then left onto gravel track. Good surface. At cottages, turn right, tarmac lane, changing to earth in woods, between light tress (good bluebells in spring). At lane, left then immediately right onto track. Bosenhill Lane, which is tree lined earth track between fields. Unfortunately ruined by 4x4 as deep tyre ruts. After 1 miles after short steepish descent, emerge on to lane. Turn right to Warnford.

PHOTO of turn left at barn, no finger post if going other way.



CR21: Denmead:

With ref to HCC map in leaflet, I have ridden from 16 to 21 (where I got a puncture, so took short cut back to Clanfield passed 19). 16 to 18 is a good slight down gradient, earth tree root, lane between light hedge tree. 19 to 20 narrow earth path edge of field widening out near 20. I thought Track at 21 looked like one of those tracks where people dump things, thought 'does not look good', sure enough, 20 yds puncture, 1 inch gash in tyre. I then headed by road to 19 then through Clanfield to 12. Then 12 to 14 is track slightly stony between fields, then light wood. Quite pleasant. I think actually this makes quite a good route; think full route possible would have too much tarmac. So suggest turn left at 20, not right. Please email if ridden full circuit.




View approaching 20.

General view north, Butser towards left.



CR31: Southwards from Harting Hill car park, Compton, Marden, back up to SDW; 12 miles.

I have now put this on Tracklogs website http://tracklogs.co.uk

Below is link to map created on Google maps ; ( not really enough detail )


link to aerial photo map on www.locallive.com  Some of route (from the west of West Marden to Foxcombe) is 'viewable' in 'birds eye' making very clear close up, so watch out for 'skyscraper building logo on left of the 'local live' window. Please be patient as this aerial route still needs tweaking at bends etc also blue route tends to be offset slightly in 'birds eye' view.


This route is not really long enough in itself, so perhaps start from eg QEP and do a '9' loop. It has some excellent views. Also can make slightly longer if extend to Stoughton / Walderton, or shorter drop down to Compton. Or to loop back to QEP, turn left at Cowdown lane, over railway, right, then left up hill, then head for Chalton, bear right at T-junction, bridle path straight back to QEP.

My preferred way is clockwise, due to good down from Harting to Bevis Thumb.

Red numbers are photos.

Description: Leaving Harting CP, go through light woods parallel to road; this track winds around between trees, so if wet quite fun ! When field on right, then at end of field, turn right, cross over B.2141. Pass near old gate lodge. Skirt field, emerge as Photo2; first field, to left of fence, then go though gate, then with hedge on left, good gradual down on grass. 

Cross road, climb on loose stone Telegraph Hill. Continue on wide hard gravel track. At tarmac lane (Locksash Farm), turn left, then right. After approx. 1/2 mile, turn off right down gravel track down to B.2146. Climb up tarmac lane (Old House Lane). Right at road, then short distance left, gravel track. Pass house, narrow winding path between hedges. On entering Yew wood, bear right, take path which gradually descends (as photo 3). At road, turn right, then short distance left through trees, emerge on to field (again as Photo 3) . Cross 3 fields. Follow track (photo 4), then left at Eckensfield (photo 5). Through light woods. Turn left at path junction. Good hard stone track; caution at Foxcombe grating (Photo 6 & 7) tarmac lane; rejoin SDW.

Photo 1

Showing where bridle path leaves Harting car park, and exits into trees.





Photo 2

Looking towards Telegraph Hill. Good gradual descent.





Photo 3

View back showing descent through yew trees, and then path across filed to Cowdown Lane.


Viewable in 'birds eye' on my 'local live' link above



Photo 4

Towards Eckensfield; v. good 360' views.


Viewable in 'birds eye' on my 'local live' link above.




Photo 5

Left turn at Eckensfield; it seems as though a private driveway.


Viewable in 'birds eye' on my 'local live' link above.



Photo 6

Grating at Foxcombe Farm; close up below !


Viewable in 'birds eye' on my 'local live' link above.




Photo 7


CR41: Kingley Vale: Harting via Chilgrove to Kingley Vale, back via Marden, with then choice of 2 return routes.

Link to route outline on www.locallive.com aerial photo; still needs tweaking at bends etc; tends to be slightly offset anyhow.. Will write up route later. should still be possible to follow with 1:25,000 map. After Marden, join on to my CR31 near Telegraph Hill, then either back to Harting or continue round.

Kingley vale is pretty, with good views. Largest yew wood in Europe, many flora SSI, barrows etc. There are several tracks, so you could vary.  Kingley Vale loop from track just after Chilgrove is approx. 5 miles.


Leave SDW at sharp bend on SDW to south of Beacon Hill; go through vehicle gate. Go on tarmac drive to Telegpah House (house is private, but drive is bridle path. Avenue of copper beach trees. At slight right bend, bear left just before bungalow.

Outline of route at moment, to add  more detail, distances, landmarks to directions to add.etc

Track between fields, continue on. After '100 yd' section of tree/bush tunnels on flinty soil, turn left at tarmac lane down towards Hooksway (pub Royal Oak). Turn right just before pub down finger posted bridleway.

At tarmac road, turn left, follow, then just after White Horse restaurant pub on left, turn off right, up stony track. At top of climb, either bear left for 5 mile loop around Kingley Vale, or straight on. Loop will rejoin this track after about 3/4 mile.

For loop, follow track though yew woods; can be quite dark, track potholed. (I need to revisit to take notes as many paths)

TO INSERT re loop

As from Car park; Turn right, then 100 yds, left to cottage, bear right by cottage. Short climb through light wood.

Emerge at field, track is to left of tree/hedge in front of you. Good views of Solent.

At lane, turn right; Left at sign to church. Follow track. Join my CR31.

Notes for writing: Pub at Hooksway; Chilgrove; church Up Marden; views of Solent.