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6. Bignor to Amberley
Approx. 5 miles, hard bumpy stone, small dip, cross main road, long steepish descent on chalk to beside River Arun.

Link to elevation profile of section

Follow SDW eastwards out of the car park, between open fields to the top of Bignor Hill.

Bignor Hill

images/BignorHill 003a.jpg (626770 bytes)  images/BignorHill 008a.jpg (459285 bytes)       

Left photo signpost by car park, follow track at edge of photo; right looking back west to car park with radio masts which are visible from miles away.

left & right photo  below typical surface, right photo looking towards Amberley Mount and, just visible, Chanctonbury Ring. To left of photo is Amberley Castle which is at same height as SDW at Amberley, so descend all the way down, and back up again!

Full size thumbnail below

images/BignorHill 006a.jpg (482310 bytes)  images/BignorHill 007a.jpg (464663 bytes)

The surface of this 1-mile stretch is very bumpy, as it is hard compacted pebbles. There are slightly softer verges where grassy earth has grown. 

Pass Toby's Stone . There is a new one now.

Over the top of Bignor Hill, there is a sharp hairpin left turn then down a steepish flinty part with rain worn channels to a barn; before the barn, the track splits either side of large mound, it does not matter which way round you go. The track then climbs slightly before levelling off; it is mainly grass / gravel / chalk.

Westburton Hill

The next point, 1.3 miles after the barn, is the crossing of the A.29 Bury/Arundel road. Again take care as it can be quite busy with fast traffic.

I advise riding along the verge/footpath to the right until opposite the track the otherside.


 The SDW then descends for the next 1-mile. Surface of chalk, flint. At one point it passes close to manure heaps, so there can be foul water across the track or forming puddles. The descent is quite steep, and takes you down more or less to sea level.

PHOTO below is just a few feet off A29; rough, often glass etc

General view down to R. Arun with Amberley Mount (apologies for quality of images below as very hot hazy humid day)

SDW zig-zags through fields, next to R.Arun, cross by steel bridge. Also quite a few gates in this section.

At a small lane (Houghton Lane), the SDW goes straight across into a field. It goes right, along the bank of the River Arun, and then crosses it via a large steel gated footbridge. The SDW then goes away from the river, turning right onto a concrete track, passed sewage works (clothes peg advised!), over the railway.

Slightly lower down descent, before Houghton Lane. (Think overdone the blue lines!)

Bridge over R. Arun. Cross from right bank to left.

At the main road (B.2139), turn right onto a tarmac path beside it, follow for 200 yards. You then need to cross over, but I find it awkward finding best place. NB: June 7: noted that new crossing point after about 50 yds, with path otherside of road. I have not been on this part for 12 mths, but don't remember it; think probably better.


The railway station is straight on as is the water tap which is outside the pub the other side of the railway. If you want the station, then at Houghton Lane above, turn right, rather than straight across, though it does mean going along the busy B.2139.

There are also some photos on the going 'Westwards' page

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